Antivirus Support Services

We know that Internet technology has become too advanced throughout the world, which increases the risks for computer software's and this seems like a big deal need to take care about when you are using internet regularly. To stop any theft or any miss happening you should install antivirus on your system, but these software's may have complicated executable files and hence it requires an online antivirus support from an expert.

WeFix365 provides Antivirus support services to various clients since last couple of years and we have many happy clients who were in trouble during installation of antivirus properly. Now they feel safe & secure all the time because we did a great job for them. Only remove technical errors once is not our motive of services, our motive is to bear with clients for long-term to assist when needed.

We specialize in both wired and wireless router technical support and our specialty is enhancing the speed of internet, resolving any queries, rectifying issues related to router connection, updating latest drivers, firewall setting and network security.

Why Antivirus Support?

Antivirus support services are essential because installation of antivirus is very complicated process as it includes a lot of set up supporting software's. If antivirus will not install properly, then you can experience slow performance of computer and may not access some internet features, even it can create problems when computer is connected to any LAN network.

To sort out all problems you are facing, you may need antivirus technical support technician. Taking the online antivirus support seems like to be pretty convenient and easy to take, you just need to grant us access to your computer remotely and everything else is up to us. Our technical support team member will install or remove errors in least possible time.


  • Set up and installation of router
  • Driver update of router to its latest version
  • Providing support related to IP conflict and any error in connection
  • Network security and set up firewall configuration
  • Speed up browsing speed of internet
  • Fixing up queries of router
  • Resolving router connection errors

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Customer Reviews
  • Dear Ammy Jose & Ross White,
    I am so so grateful to We Fix LLC for all they did for me over the last 3 days. I had the pleasure, and I mean pleasure of working with Ross White and Ammy Jose. These gentlemen were true to their word and I hold that in the highest regard.
    The integrity that I found in working with both these men will be the reason I stay with We Fix LLC, and recommend it to all my friends and business partners.
    I am truly grateful to Ross and Ammy for their constant understanding and patients. It might have taken 3 days to get all my problems corrected, however it was such a pleasure did not even mind going into the office over the weekend.
    We Fix LLC has my business and these two men will forever have my heart for who they are!

    Dian Joy

    Web Developer
  • Thank you for your services and would like to said that Kathy Jones was very good about answering my questions and taking care of my problems

    Beatrice Jones

  • Thank you for your service. It was excellent and they moved quickly. I would use them again.

    Allison Daake

  • I can honestly say that We Sam really knows his stuff. He is courteous and friendly and always eager to help. I have referred many clients to Sam and always receive positive feedback based on his reliability and their satisfaction. Whether it's networking a small to medium size office or fixing a broken computer, I highly recommend Sam / We fix Tech Support to all my clients