Terms and Conditions

We thank you and appreciate that you took our Tech-Support Services. We Fix has a very simple Refund Policy. Once the Tech-Support Engineer services your request and solve your issue, the call is transferred to the Customer Support Executive for Quality Assurance, who will verify whether you are satisfied with the service/solution provided by the technicians. If you mention that you are 100% satisfied with our Support Services, we'll offer you seven days of Extended Service Warranty under which you can get the same issue resolved free of any further charge, provided the issue is same and the call is made within seven days. In any case, if our technicians are not able to resolve the issue on the second call, then according to the refund policy, WeFix will refund the full amount charged to you on the same day. Also, there will be no Refunds if you call us with the any issue after seven days of warranty period.

If you mention that you are not 100% satisfied with the resolution provided by the Tech-Support Engineer, the Customer Support Executive will put your case in Quality Check and offers you either the resolution from the Senior Engineer or the Refund of the charges made to you right then. If you choose to get the resolution from the Senior Engineer, he would either fix your problem right then or at a later date as per your convenience. If you do not want the resolution, then according to the refund policy, We Fix will refund the full amount charged to you on the same day.

WeFix LLC is always there to support you in any way we can. If you are dissatisfied with our service we would like to know that. You can contact our customer service center 24×7 at +1-8004540198. Our billing department at 1-832-365-3404 (Monday to Friday 9am to 6pm Eastern) or by email at billing@wefix365.us

Customer Reviews
  • Dear Ammy Jose & Ross White,
    I am so so grateful to We Fix LLC for all they did for me over the last 3 days. I had the pleasure, and I mean pleasure of working with Ross White and Ammy Jose. These gentlemen were true to their word and I hold that in the highest regard.
    The integrity that I found in working with both these men will be the reason I stay with We Fix LLC, and recommend it to all my friends and business partners.
    I am truly grateful to Ross and Ammy for their constant understanding and patients. It might have taken 3 days to get all my problems corrected, however it was such a pleasure did not even mind going into the office over the weekend.
    We Fix LLC has my business and these two men will forever have my heart for who they are!

    Dian Joy

    Web Developer
  • Thank you for your services and would like to said that Kathy Jones was very good about answering my questions and taking care of my problems

    Beatrice Jones

  • Thank you for your service. It was excellent and they moved quickly. I would use them again.

    Allison Daake

  • I can honestly say that We Sam really knows his stuff. He is courteous and friendly and always eager to help. I have referred many clients to Sam and always receive positive feedback based on his reliability and their satisfaction. Whether it's networking a small to medium size office or fixing a broken computer, I highly recommend Sam / We fix Tech Support to all my clients